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In order to strengthen its partnerships with engineering schools, the Archimède institute this year has a call, partnering with École Centrale de Marseille, to fund with l'École Centrale de Marseille, one PhD contract.


  • the PhD student will be enrolled in PhD School Mathematics and Computer Science and École Centrale de Marseille,
  • publications should be signed mentioning both École Centrale de Marseille et Archimède institute,
  • the PhD student will participate to research activities proposed by École Centrale de Marseille,
  • the PhD student and superviser must follow Archimède recommandations for the signature of associated publications.

How to apply

Pre-selection of the subjects

The phase of pre-selection of subjects is finished. The 2 subjects that has been selected are



Candidates Selection

The candidates are invited to contact the superviser of the subject they are interested in (see contact above, with cc to, before May 10th.

When the agreement of the supervisers has been obtained, the complete application file should be sent with cc to supervisers before May 17th:

  • title and detailed description of the last version of the subject
  • name of the candidate, CV and grades from the two last years

The candidates will have their audition by the ECM-Archimède by end of May.