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The Archimedes institute has been create by AMU July 2019. It is constituted of 4 international labs, an international conference center, a dozen of Master programs in two university faculty and the Mathematics-Computer Science PhD school.

Amplifying a unique interdisciplinary dynamic at the heart of the digital revolution

If mathematics are the historical language of Science, in the 21st century, computer science is becoming a universal language for Science as well. What is at stake is not only building a network of excellence in these two disciplines and their interactions but also to co-construct new languages and tools for sciences and technologies in partnership with the whole academic community of Aix- Marseille.

The institute is promoting the following areas:

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Security

While advancing these priority axis, engaging collaboration with the socio-economic world, the institute is advancing the basic research in mathematics and computer science that prepares the digital revolutions of tomorrow.