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Archimedes institute offers PhD scholarships in mathematics and computer science for a duration of one to three academic years. Interdisciplinary projects have priority, linked with at least one of these two disciplines.

The institute also develops specific doctoral programs, this year, in Artificial Intelligence, Language, Communication and the Brain.

Research Topics

Multidisciplinary call - Mathematics and Computer science fields

Together with ED184, Archimedes institute is proposing 8 PhD positions in the following areas.

  • analysis, modeling, optimisation,
  • statistics, signal processing, machine learning,
  • dynamical systems, geometry, probability,
  • algorithmics, logis, number theory.

The positions will be under supervision of at least one member of ED 184, and member of one of the research labs of the institute Archimedes :

Thematic call - Artificial intelligence field

The ILCB and the Archimedes Institute offer 2 PhD scholarships in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to Language, Communication and the Brain. The topics covered will be interdisciplinary, priority will be given to projects co-supervised by supervisors from different disciplines in different laboratories. Subjects proposed with only one supervisor will be the exception.

PhD subjects will be at the intersection between AI in its broadest sense (machine learning, deep AI, statistical AI, parsimonious methods, classification, natural language processing, symbolic AI, algorithmic AI, etc.) and its application to the study of the brain bases of language and communication. Two types of topics may be proposed:

  • an in-depth research of AI problems related to the study of the cerebral bases of language and communication.
  • an application of AI methods to the study of the cerebral bases of language and communication.

Candidates have to contact their potential supervisors before submitting their application.


The funding is available for up to 3 years in the PhD program in ED184, Marseille. Monthly net salary is about 1 421 € (health insurance etc.. included).

How to apply ?


Application file has to contain :

  • A detailed project of 2 pages for the PhD program considered, including a title, name of the PhD supervisor and the research lab in which the PhD will take place.

  • A resume of maximum 2 pages

  • Quotations and evaluations of the MS degree, when available

  • A cover letter specifying the doctoral program chosen and the motivation for the project proposed

  • For the thematic call only, two letters of recommendation.

Where to send the application materials

Application for thematic call implies application for multidisciplinary call, it is not necessary to send two applications.

Multidisciplinary Call
  • Application has to be sent to (cc for PhD supervisor) in one only file in pdf format named according to the name of the applicant → Name.pdf (BEWARE: no accent in the filename).
Thematic Call
  • Clearly indicate at the beginning of the application file that you are applying to the thematic call, and in the subject of emails
  • Application has to be sent to in one only file in pdf format named according to the name of the applicant → Name.pdf (BEWARE: no accent in the filename).
  • Two letters of recommandation (in case of co-supervision, one lettre must be written byt the advisor that is not in the institute) as a pdf file Applicant Name_Profesor Name.pdf. They should be emailed directly by the authors to

Application deadline

Applications must be completed before May 04th, 2020 23h59 Paris, FR time (including recommandation letters).


Applicants will be informed of preselection by May 27th, and will have an interview (phone or videocall) from June 2nd to 5th. Final results from thematic call will be given early June, that of multidisciplinary call in late June. Successful applicants will have to confirm acceptance within 8 days.

Complement information

All applications to Archimedes institute is an application to Ecole Doctorale en Mathématiques et Informatique de Marseille, ED 184. Administrative eligibility applies. For more information, see on ED 184 website(in french).

International Students

Aix Marseille Université has a tradition of welcoming international PhD students, most significantly at the welcome desk. A bilingual guide has been adressed by the DRI to the numerous international students of AMU.

See all information on DRI website