Published Deadline

In order to foster new collaborations within the maths-computer science and interactions community, the Archimedes Institute is funding days (ou half-days) in the inter-disciplinary themes. Any proposal within the perimeter of the institute is welcomed

These days could be an opportunity for colleagues that are not specialist, but curious, to discover new maths-computer science objects. They could also be a moment for exchange and meetings about themes that are present in different research groups.

Inter-disciplinarity is meant in the two meanings : internal and external. In the first case, we can have machine learning, signal, statistics and data science; cryptography, security and safety; quantum maths and computing; but this is not all !! In the second case, it could be with other institutes ou laboratoris of AMU.

Send your proposal to with email subject "Thematic Days".


Please provide - title - date (even approximative) and location - one or two coordinators - research groups that are involved - summary for the theme (not more that one page) - expected funding

Eligibility for funding:

  • buffet / meal
  • speaker trip funding
  • other but relevant ...



  • Sept. 9th 2021, noon (answer on 13th)
  • Oct. 6th 2021, noon (answer on 11th)

Selection and eligibility criteria :

  • themes should be within the perimeter of Archimedes institute

  • grass root proposal and with perspective of new collaborations

  • inter-laboratory are encouraged

  • dates before Dec. 31st 2021 are encouraged

Selection Committee: members of the Board of the institute.