The Archimedes institute has been created by AMU in July 2019. It merges 4 international level research units, an international conference center, a dozen of Master programs and the Mathematics and Computer Science PhD school.

Amplifying a unique interdisciplinary dynamic at the heart of the digital revolution

If mathematics are the historical language of Science, in the 21st century, computer science is becoming a universal language for Science as well. What is at stake is not only building a network of excellence in these two disciplines and their interactions but also to co-construct new languages and tools for sciences and technologies in partnership with the whole academic community of Aix- Marseille.

The institute is promoting the following areas:

  • Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Security

While advancing these priority axis, engaging collaboration with the socio-economic world, the institute is advancing the basic research in mathematics and computer science that prepares the digital revolution of tomorrow.

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PhD Positions in Artificial Intelligence for Language, Communication and the Brain - second call

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Archimedes institute offers PhD scholarships in mathematics and computer science for a duration of one to three academic years. Interdisciplinary projects have priority, linked with at least one of these two disciplines.

The institute also develops specific doctoral programs, this year, in Artificial Intelligence, Language, Communication and the Brain.

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