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For the third year in a row, the AMU community of all those working on quantum computing and new quantum technologies will gather at the CIRM Auditorium. It will once again be a valuable moment to share our new research projects, but above all to reflect on a common strategy within the framework of the France 2030 projects. We will also take the opportunity to take stock of QuantEduFrance and the opportunities for the new education offer starting in 2024.

In addition, this day, which will take place the 22th, will close a three-day event, the first two days of which will see the meeting of the Quantum Informatics working group of the GDR IM and the first national meeting of WP2 (coordinated by Benoit Valiron, LMF) of the PEPR EPiQ. Days to which all Marseille colleagues, whether physicists, mathematicians or computer scientists are invited.

The three days will take place entirely on the premises of the CIRM from 20 to 22 September and a detailed programme will be made public once registrations and invitations have been completed.

Financial support is provided for PhD students to cover full-board accommodation at the CIRM facilities.

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Contact: Giuseppe DiMolfetta