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Inauguration of Archimede institute will take place on Sept. 22.


Inauguration will take place at CIRM and online. registration and pass are mandatory to come to CIRM


  • 13h30 : Welcome
  • 14h00 : Presentation of the institute (E. Godard head)
  • 14h30 : Presentation of CIRM -- (P. Hubert head)
  • 14h45 : Presentation of LIS (F. Bechet head) / master programs of DII (C. Capponi master Informatique, M. Adel master TSI, R. Outbib master EEEA)
  • 15h00 : Presentation of I2M (P. Haissinsky head) / master programs of DM ( L. Régnier master MAAP, P. Pudlo master MAS)

  • 15h30 //pause café//

  • 15h45 : Presentation of Fresnel (S. Brasselet head) / CPT (T. Masson representant)

  • 16h15 : Innovation cell (C. Capponi director) / Hôtel à Projets Eureka (F. Richard )
  • 17h00 : Buffet

Join the webinar Code is sent on the mailing list.

Sanitary requirements

Because of the sanitary conditions, sanitary pass is mandatory to come CIRM. Because of restricted place, registration is also mandatory.

Registration are now closed. Join the webinar.